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Clean Offers
You have found a home in town that makes your heart skip a beat -- it is in the right location and has all the features you want. The listing price is the only thing that is keeping you from making an offer -- you feel that it is more than you can or should afford. How can you maximize the possibility of the owners accepting an offer that is much less than they are asking?

First, make the offer as "clean" as possible by not asking for special contingencies. Avoid requests to the sellers for minor repairs, such as cutting down the dead tree in the back yard or leaving custom drapes and curtains. Be flexible about scheduling the registration date to fit the sellers' moving plans. Finally, you can offer a larger deposit to persuade the sellers that you are a serious buyer and to make it harder for them to "just say no". Each transaction is different, but the simpler the offer, the more likely the sellers are to accept it.

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